Blizzard reveals the most popular character class in Diablo 4, turns out to be a name full of surprises

  1. Only been released for a week, but this character class is the most popular name in Diablo 4.  

At the present time, Diablo 4 has been out for a while and gradually recorded positive statistics. In addition to the consistently high number of players, the records set for the time to reach the maximum level, Blizzard has surprised many people by sharing a new parameter. That is the most popular and most played character class in Diablo 4.

Notably, the information that Rod Fergusson – director of Diablo 4 gave was quite surprising when it was the Sorcerer – a character line that was not really prominent in the game. In fact, this is a character class that has appeared since the first version of Diablo in 1997, and also the sequel Diablo 2. But in Diablo 3, the Sorcerer was replaced by a similar character, the Wizard. And perhaps that is why with the spectacular return in Diablo 4, this character quickly received the love and fans of many gamers. In addition, Rod also revealed that his favorite character is the Necromancer

           However, this information also surprised many people when, according to the sharing from the online community, Necromancer is the name that most gamers encounter in the game. In addition, it is not Barbarian – a character capable of helping players reach the maximum level the fastest – as what Diablo 4 streamers have shown.


Instead, the Sorcerer’s ability to use the power of the elements seems to bring more charm to Diablo 4 players. However, there are still many opinions that bring only 5 character classes. is quite small compared to a blockbuster like Diablo 4, and the game should still add more variety in the future through names like Diablo 3’s Demon Hunter or Paladin.

            After more than a week of release, Diablo 4 is still achieving certain successes and bringing back many positive feedbacks. However, turning Diablo 4 into a more online game is also raising many question marks regarding the future of this series from gamers.